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Introducing the Monthly Barber Art Contest

For years has, via our newswire ( recognized and showcased the amazing work of Barbers and Stylists in our Weekly BarberArt Showcase. This segment of the newswire has become one of the most popular, and global interest in BarberArt continues to grow.

In Feb 2017 we had our First Contest Winners – Congratulations to:

  • Emmanuel Alvarado (@jubei_ma) – WINNER BEST BEARD;
  • Chris Boos (@_mannys) – WINNER: MOST ARTISTIC
  • James Tyrer (@buzzcutfeed) – WINNER: BEST ARTISTRY

Our Contest continues this month and we will be giving Cash Prizes from $50 - $200 for the best work each month. You can submit as much of your work as you like. This is an Instagram Hashtag Contest. The contest is FREE for anyone to enter, and the rules are simple:

  1. Follow @barbinccom on Instagram (all winners will be posted there each month)
  2. Post your best BarberArt Haircuts and make sure to mention us in your post: @barbinccom
  3. Most Importantly - Add the contest Hashtags (which changes each month) #barberart #barbincbar are the contestant hashtags for this month.

If you do not include this with your post, you will not be entered into the contest.

You can submit as many samples of your work as you want each month. Our Editors and Barbinc Celebrity Educators will pick a winner every month Later this year, we will be giving $1000 - $5000 in prizes to our top artist of the year - All as part of our BARBinc Barber Award Show 2017.

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